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The Wild Pacific 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p

The Wild Pacific 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Documentary 4K
- (Actor)
Michael Watchulonis (Director)
IMDB: 7.7


Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 9 May 2016 (USA)

Technical Specs

Runime: 52 min
Video Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: native 4K (2160p)
Audio: English
Subtitles: English [CC]

Story Movie

The Wild Pacific 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p

Immerse yourself in the underwater world with director Michael Watchulonis. It is the largest body of water on earth, covering nearly 30% of our planet. Experience a vast ecosystem that is home to a stunning menagerie of creatures. The Wild Pacific movie 4K year 2016 Ultra HD 2160p.

4k movie reviews

First off, the action footage is fantastic. Taking advantage of recent advances in rugged digital video, the picture quality and in-the-action shots are second to none. Honestly, the footage rivals the original planet earth series with D. Attenborough, and that alone makes it worth watching. You'll see things you've never noticed before just because the framing, camera ,location, and picture quality are so good. Like, for example, great white shark bodies flatten out at the tail a lot more than pictures would suggest, and I've been lucky enough to see a great white at the aquarium.

The one glaring fault here is a lot of b-roll footage that gets reused: you'll get sick of the aerial shot (of stunning picture quality) of arches in the ocean pretty quickly. Other than that though, the Director of Photography should get an award for this visual masterpiece.

Narration Delivery:
My biggest gripe with this film is the narration. For all but the last 5 minutes, it feels like the narrator was reading off a script and trying really hard not to sound boring. Maybe it was rushed, but he just feels super tense and overenthusiastic and it kind of ruins the immersion at times. The last 5 minutes or so though, the narrator really loosens up and it feels like a real BBC/NatGeo documentary.

Narration Content:
The content of the narration, ignoring the veracity of the claims, has a blatant and aggressive conservation theme. For those who don't believe in climate change, or who don't believe in the value of environmental science research, the movie will come off as confrontational and mildly offensive and should be best viewed on mute. Irony of ironies, green peace was going door to door the night I watched the film and it would've made a fantastic sales piece for those inclined to make decisions based on a documentary.

All in all, well worth the 52 minutes and has good re-watch value.

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