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Serengeti 4K 2011 Ultra HD 2160p

Serengeti 4K 2011 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Documentary 4K
Hardy Krüger Jr. (Actor)
Reinhard Radke (Director)
IMDB: 7.5


Country: Germany
Language: English
Release Date: February 3, 2011 (Germany)

Technical Specs

Runime: 61 min
Video Codec: HEVC / H.265 (50.0 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspectratio: 1.78:1
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)

Story Movie

Serengeti 4K 2011 Ultra HD 2160p

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous African Serengeti National Park is a completely unique natural ecosystem that has been virtually untouched by human influence to date. It is a place of colossal annual animal migrations, where hundreds of thousands of zebras, antelopes and other herbivores move in the same circle unchanged each year. Huge herds are accompanied by their natural enemies predators, making this long journey a constant struggle for existence of epic proportions.

Serengeti 4K Review

"As a child I loved to watch documentaries about Africa, hot and dangerous. Exotic, unlike our local animals attracted the eye: a variety of cats, to each of which the adjective ""most"" was applicable - powerful lions, kings of beasts, the strongest, fastest, spotted cheetahs, the fastest, climbing leopards, climbing the tree tops. Not only cats were able to amaze - elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, buffalos, hyenas, and others and more... The diversity and multiplicity of the bountiful African world of animals was astounding. But everything eventually gets boring, and lively interest gave way to the rhetorical question, ""What else haven't I seen there?""

However, time has passed in which technology has stepped forward - televisions and high-definition cameras have appeared. And somehow accidentally watching a modern documentary about big cats, my long-standing love for this wonderful place was awakened in me again. No matter what anyone says, the effect of being present with this quality and detail definitely increases. When you see an animal's magnificent fur glistening in the sun, the outline of its bulging muscles under its skin, the grass swaying in the wind, it touches the heart. I don't deny the fact that the talent of the cameraman, the right angle and the moment he captures, the creative work of the editor makes the film appealing or boring to a greater extent. But HD quality is capable of greatly enhancing the viewer's perception of the film.

The Serengeti is an iconic title for those who have ever watched a documentary about Africa. It is the valley where the largest migrations of animals on Earth, particularly the Gnu antelope, take place. And I certainly wanted to look at this God-blessed place again, but with different eyes, in a different capacity.

First of all, I would like to note that the main emphasis in the film is on the nature itself, it is the main character playing a free role without any strictly defined framework. This respectful and appreciative attitude towards the shooting places can be felt in the majority of the bare footage, devoid of any commentary by the narrator. After all, what words are there when there is such unearthly beauty all around! Nevertheless, the film has a storyline - and it tells about the annual cycle of movement of huge groups of animals, herbivores and predators, on the boundless African expanses, the logic of these movements and the behavior of specific individuals on this enormous and dangerous path.

The film is made by the old canons, without any schemes and computer graphics, without any accent on the personalities of any animal specialists, without cameramen and machines in the frame - there is not a single hint of a man except for the narrator, the nature alone, and this is wonderful, because for almost two hours you just transport your soul to Africa. Of the 'special effects' - one slow motion, maybe somewhere a little too long, but quite harmoniously fitting into the concept of the film. And it's great, because I personally get a lot of annoyance for most of the stupid computer graphics in nature films, where they often stick it in the wrong place.

There is surprisingly little voice-over in this film, which is so uncharacteristic of documentaries, but that's more of a plus in terms of immersion. From what is reported, everything is on topic and interesting. The cameraman's work is just pleasant and delightful: great views, excellent time-lapse photography, nighttime shooting without any silly projectors in the animals' faces - everything looks very harmonious, they are also beautifully edited! The background music was gorgeous - it touched the soul, along with the accompanying sights! I was very satisfied, my soul sings - I haven't seen something like this for a long time. Well done, the Germans, you could see they really did their best!

Some people compare ""Serengeti"" with the film ""Home"" - they have something in common, in the quality of shooting and emotional impact on the viewer, but the main thing - the boundless love for nature. There is no emphasis on killing, on mating, the main thing here is a trip to the most beautiful places where no less harmonious animals live, admiring the local flora and fauna. It becomes a bit pitiful for the animals - because only man has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this world, and they survive in it. Nature is cruel, but it's stunningly beautiful! And I wish it were preserved at least as it is now, because it is from its diversity that we draw inspiration, are spiritually charged and learn to be better, more human, more humane."

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